Category B – Motorcycle Riding Permit - for car driving licence holders



This course is open to those in possession of a valid category B car driving licence.


The course consists of an obligatory 10 hour training programme, of which 3 hours are theory and 7 hours are practical training.  Price -  €170.00


On completion of this course, we will issue a certificate which must be presented to Transport Malta.  TM will in return issue your car driving licence with a code allowing you to drive a motorcycle*.



*Terms and Conditions for this permit:

  •   -  Type of motorcycles allowed to drive with this permit:
    •   ~ up to 125cc
    •   ~ maximum power 11KW (15Bhp)
  •    -  Permit only valid for the Maltese islands
  •    -  You cannot carry a pillion passenger




This training is valid for the following types of motorcycles:


   -  Automatic Transmission
   -  Semi-automatic Transmission
   -  Motorcycles with gears


If you do your training on a motorcycle with gears you will be allowed to ride a motorcycle with gears and also automatic or semi-automatic.


If you do your training on an automatic scooter, your riding permit will be restricted to ride only automatic or semi-automatic motorcycles.




The course consists of the following modules:


     >  Introduction to the course,  equipment & clothing

     >  Practical on-site training

     >  Practical on-site riding

     >  Practical on-road training

     >  Practical on-road riding