Peugeot e-Ludix


4 riding modes

Bosch motor

Fast charging time

Special price includes Government Grant (€2000)


The electric version of a Peugeot’s best selling 50cc scooter. Rediscover the pleasure of driving in a Ludix but in an electric version! Peugeot Motocycles reinterprets its bestseller by offering you e-Ludix, its new electric scooter with a refined design, 50cc equivalent, recognizable among all. Take advantage of its ultra reliable and high performance technology thanks to its complete Bosch system (battery, motor, controller, dashboard). You will also be seduced by its maneuverability similar to a bicycle.

Product Details


Bosch know-how at the service of Peugeot Motocycles. Based on its automotive experience, Bosch has created a carefully harmonized system comprising a motor, vehicle controller, battery and dashboard.

Driving modes

On Peugeot e-Ludix, 4 driving modes can be selected via the dashboard screen and allow you to vary the level of performance and range:

The Boost mode allows you to get the best performance from your scooter while selecting “Go” will allow you to have better range. Cruise mode offers the best compromise between performance and autonomy. Finally, use “Crawl” for your low speed, forward and reverse movements. Entirely designed and manufactured in Europe, this complete system incorporates the fundamentals of the automotive experience, guaranteeing great performance and high reliability in any situation.

Designed for the city The Bosch motor that equips e-Ludix offers you top-notch acceleration thanks to a torque of 35 Nm.

Autonomy and reliability

The Lithium-Ion battery imagined and designed by Bosch allows an autonomy of up to 50Km thanks to an energy storage capacity of 1.6kWh. The perfectly integrated system allows intelligent energy management to get the most out of the battery.

Optimized yield

Its belt transmission system offers optimized efficiency. Its braking energy recovery system, which gives you a few additional kilometers of autonomy. Something to go after your desires!


Peugeot e-Ludix is ​​the ideal electric vehicle for active and dynamic city-dwellers looking for meaning and responsible consumption Once recharged, it gives you up to 50km of autonomy. Enough to move around all day, in complete freedom!

Lightness and freedom

To simplify your life, the e-Ludix battery is removable and recharges in just 3 hours (at 80%, 100% in 4 hours), wherever you are, using the charger supplied. You just need to plug it into any outlet.

Reinvent the city for two

There is no question of traveling the city alone! With its two-seater saddle, take whoever you want on your adventures. Your passenger will be assured of traveling comfortably seated thanks to the retractable footrests.

Functional and adaptable

Peugeot e-Ludix adapts to your desires thanks to its bag hook. Need more space? A top case and its support are available as accessories.

A digital and intuitive display

The Peugeot e-Ludix smart dashboard has a 4.4 ” LCD screen and tells you everything you need to know about the performance of your scooter: battery charge level, instantaneous consumption, expected range, etc. You always know where you are.






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