The Stewart offers style in a basic package

Pull up buffalo leather breaks in nicely

SEESMART™ CE-level 1 protectors on the limbs

Detachable thermal liner



The Stewart embodies the back to basics principles if you’re after a clean and cool black leather jacket. The pull up buffalo leather breaks in quickly to get that vintage look going. And by incorporating our extremely thin SEESMART™ protectors, we kept the silhouette of the Stewart close to casual, with the option to upgrade by installing our SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector. The detachable thermal liner allows you to enjoy the Stewart jacket in colder riding conditions. And with the liner removed, you can adjust the silhouette with the waist adjustment straps. Connect the Stewart safely to your jeans using the short connection zipper in combination with our Safeway belt, and keep your essentials close with to the various pockets.

Product Details

  • SEESMART™ CE-level 1 protection
  • prepared for SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector insert – Type RV

    The back protector pocket in this REV’IT! garment is tailor-made to accommodate the SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector insert Type RV – an easy upgrade to maximize safety.

  • safety stitching: Stitching seams can be the weakest link in motorcycle garments, as they can rip upon impact. This ripping of seams can be prevented, however, through safety-stitching technology. REV’IT! uses safety stitching on garment areas at increased risk of impact (directive on the definition of risk category in zones 13595-1:2002).
  • V-flap at cuff

    The V-flap is installed behind the zipper at the cuff to block wind.

  • jeans loop

    The loop at the back of this jacket enables you to attach it to your jeans, which prevents the jacket from creeping up: no more exposed back when riding your bike.

  • short connection zipper



46 to 60






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