BS10 Automatic Battery Charger


BA10 is designed for motorcycle batteries : small and safe and easy to use, you cannot use it wrong. This battery charger will always deliver a good charge, bulk or maintenance.

Product Details

The brand-new BS 10 is a 6V and 12V smart battery charger and maintainer rated at 1A. Designed for lead acid and lithium batteries, this automatic charger is suitable for batteries up to 20Ah.

Very safe & compact, the BS 10 includes 9 stages of charge to enhance the performance of all your powersports batteries.

Delivered with 1 BS clamps set and 1 fused ring terminal set.


  • Smart battery charger & maintainer
  • Auto detect Lead Acid or Lithium technology
  • Adaptable charging algorithm for Lead Acid & Lithium (LiFePO4)
  • Safe: connection spark free, reverse polarity, short circuit and internal overheat protection
  • Easy to use: connect & forget
  • 6V & 12V manual switch selection


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