Cycle World Ltd. also offers the service of a Full-Time Professional Motorcycle Driving School which caters for ALL CATEGORIES of MOTORCYCLE DRIVING LICENCES.  Over 40 years of experience in this field makes us the most experienced motorcycle driving school on the island.


We ensure that you are properly and thoroughly trained to the highest level, thus making sure that you enjoy your riding whilst being an even safer motorcycle driver.


Candidates will be asked to attend a lecture in preparation for the test, where they will be given a booklet with notes and important points. replica hublot classic fusion watches  It covers Road Signs;  Road Markings and also Motorcycle Handling amongst other things, to ensure safer riding and a better understanding of the test.


Candidates wishing to apply for lessons and test for their motorcycle driving license have to be at least 18 years of age and must be in possession of a Maltese ID card.


The theory test questions and answers together with the Highway Code and Learners Permit (DRV01) can be found below.

Motorcycle License Categories

AM:  Up to 50cc (max speed 45km)   –  Minimum age requirement 18+

A1:   Up to 125cc (max 15bhp)   –  Minimum age requirement 18+

A2:   No particular engine capacity (max 47bhp)   –  Minimum age requirement 21+

A*:   Open: any engine capacity and no power limits   –  Minimum age requirement  24+

New**: Motorcycle Riding Permit for Category B – Car Driving Licence Holder

*NOTE: If you hold the A2 license for two years you could do your A category test at 22 years of age.

Typical motorcycles used for each drive test:

A1:  Peugeot Tweet ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) 125cc scooter (automatic transmission) or Yamaha YBR125

A2:  Hyosung Gv300S Bobber

A:    Yamaha XJ6 ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) 2016 Model

For Beginners

For those who have no experience in riding a motorcycle, we suggest that they start on the scooter and then proceed accordingly.

The first lesson is to familiarise with the bike controls and learn the bike handling in a parking area, then we have to do the handling manoeuvres required for the practical drive test, then we proceed with lessons on public roads.
Appropriate clothing is recommended.  Candidates are asked to wear sturdy shoes –  no sandals, flip-flops or heels.

Not Allowed: shorts or skirts.  It is highly recommended to wear jeans, or protective motorcycle trousers, and also a long-sleeved protective jacket. We will supply the helmet, gloves and a fluorescent vest for the lessons.

Lessons are held on a one to one basis.  The amount of lessons required depends greatly on the ability of the individual candidate.  We recommend that the candidates have a basic knowledge of bicycle balance before learning to drive a motorcycle.

Lesson and Application Fees

Each lesson costs:  €14 and lasts 30 minutes.

Application for the permit:   €60.00

Theory Test:   €30.28

Driving Test:   €60.00

Riding Permit for Category B Course:   €170.00

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