BS60 9-Stage Pro Smart Charger


BS60 is the perfect charger for all your vehicles : smart, performant and safe, it charges all kinds of lead-acid batteries. With all the features inside this pro-smart charger, you cannot use it wrong. This charger will always deliver a good charge and maintain all batteries.

Product Details

• Ideal for batteries that have been deeply discharged
• Restores full electrolyte reading
• Automatic for calcium batteries
• Manual for other batteries

• BS isolated clamps and fused ring terminals provided
• Spark free, output short circuit, reverse polarity and overload protection
• Battery thermal and runaway protection
• Ideal for battery maintenance

• 3 hours charge for a common 5 Ah Battery
• 6 hours charge for a 10 Ah Battery
• Bulk charging mode (see specs)
• Provides a fastest charge than a conventional charger

• Condition Check, soft start, Analysis Mode (see specs)
• Ideal for charging during winter season
• Patented reconditioning function
• Long-term maintenance pulse charge

• Suitable for a wide range of batteries
• Adjustable output can be set to 1, 4 or 6A

• Fan off for low charging mode

• Electrical plug with cable
• Long cables
• Reinforced power cords for heavy-duty conditions


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