REV’IT! REDHILL – White Blue


Retro leather sport gloves


High-quality leathers like goatskin, water-repellent suede, and cowhide provide the backdrop to unapologetically old-school block printing on these stylish, summer gloves. To upgrade the original, we added airflow details like perforated, drum-dyed goatskin leather between the finger seams to help keep your hands nice and cool.Hold onto your handlebars
Vintage vibes meet top-spec technical performance in the Redhill. After all, suede isn’t just for blue shoes – these gloves use the extra grip of a brushed finish on the leather to reinforce pads on the palms and inner thumbs. Combined with a water-repellent finish to give a coarser texture, at these vital contact points you’re guaranteed a tougher, more tactile feel.All-action esthetics
The look might take you back in time, but the protection on these gloves is cutting-edge. Compact Temperfoam® stepping into the spotlight where fit and dexterity are paramount. Renowned for its impact-absorbing, self-contouring properties, this top-spec, technical material is used to optimum effect in the lining of the hard-shell armor at the knuckles, fingers, and palms.



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