S954B Universal GPS-Smartphone holder




The S954B is the perfect solution for transferring your Sat-Nav or smartphone on motorcycle, scooter, bicycle, quad etc. The mounting system, compatible with a tubular bar with a diameter between 8mm and 35mm and with the ability to wrap around items that are not perfectly round, enables this model to be used on motorcycles with a handlebar with a diameter of 22mm or on stalks of a rearview mirror.
Thanks to the mounting system, designed and patented by GIVI, to attach and remove the device holder is extremely simple and fast, taking only a matter of seconds. Loosening the handle on the mounting support can adjust the position of the device holder according to the rider’s specific requirements, at any time and without the need for any tools.
The shell has shock-absorbing inserts to protect the device being held. The product is also supplied with a safety strap, sunshade, touch-sensitive front surface, a power supply port and a waterproof cover to be used in the event of heavy rain.

Product Details

• Safety strap and raincover included.
• Touch sensitive surface, transparent.
• Sunshade.
• Opening at the bottom to allow the device power supply. Compatible with GIVI power connection.
• Zip closure with waterproof flap.

*Once you have placed your smartphone inside the case you can no longer use pop-up, retractable, rotating or scrolling cameras.


Inner dimensions (mm): 158×102 (sunshade on the long side)
Window size (mm): 137×86

Compatible devices

Apple: iPhone (XR, XS, XS Max, X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6s,
6s Plus, 6, 6 Plus);
Galaxy S (S5, S6, S6 EDGE, S6 EDGE+, S7, S7 EDGE,
S8, S9, S10 2019, S10e 2019);
Galaxy Note (Note 3, Note 4, Note 5, Note 7, Note 7 FE);
Galaxy J (J2 Core 2018, J2 2016, J2 Pro, J2 Pro 2018, J4
Plus 2018, J4 2018, J5 2016, J5 Prime, J6 2018, J6 Plus
2018, J7 2016, J7 Prime, J7 Duo, J7 Prime 2);
Galaxy On (On 5 Pro, On 7 2016, On 7 Pro, On8);
Galaxy A (A40 2019, A20e, A10, A8 2018, A7 2017, A5
2017, A7, A8 2016);
Galaxy C (C5 pro, C7 Pro, C9 Pro, J7 2017, C5, C7);
Galaxy X cover 4, Galaxy Grand Prime, N915 Galaxy note
edge, Z3;
Galaxy M (M20, M10)
Alcatel: 1S, 1x, 3L 2019, 3, 3x, 5, 5V (2018), A7, A5 LED,
Idol 5, Idol 5s, A3, LX, U5;
Acer: Liquid Z6, Liquid Z6 Plus;
Archos: Oxygen 57, Diamond S;
Asus: ZenFone (2, 3, 3 Zoom, 3 64GB, 3 Deluxe 256GB,
4, 4 MAX, 4 PRO, 4 Selfie Pro, 4 Selfie Lite, 4 Selfie, 5, 5z,
Live (L2), Max 2016, Max Plus (M1), Max (M1) ZB556KL
(2018), Selfie);
Blackberry: DTEK50, DTEK60, Keyone, Key2 LE (2018),
BQ: Aquaris X2 Pro
Essential: PH-1
Google-LG: Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, Nexus 5, Nexus 5X;
Google-HTC: Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel, Pixel XL
Google-Huawei: Nexus 6P;
Honor: 6A, 6C Pro, 7x, 8 Pro, 8A Pro, 8S, 9, 9i, 9 lite, 10V,
10, 10i 2019, 20, 20 Lite (2019), 20 Pro (2019), 20i, V9, V9
128GB, Magic, Magic 2, 5X, Play 8 (2019), Play 8A, View
HTC: Desire (10 Lifestyle, 10 Pro, 12 2018, 12s, 19 Plus
2019, 830), U (Play, U11, U11 Life, U11 Plus, U12 Plus,
U19e 2019), 10, 10 Evo, 10 Lifestyle, ONE (A9, A9s, M9+,
M8, M9, M9 Prime Camera Edition, S9, S9, X10);
Huawei: P smart 2019, P smart, P smart Plus 2019, P smart
Plus, P30 2019, P30 Lite 2019, P8 lite 2017, P8lite, P8, P9,
P9 Plus, P9 Lite, P10, P10 Lite, P10 Plus, P20 2018, P20
Lite 2018, P20 Pro 2018, P smart, Honor (8, 8 64GB, V8,
V8 Standard, 6x, 5c, Holly 3), Enjoy 6, G8, G9 Plus, GT3,
Y3 2017, Y5 2019, Y5 Lite 2019, Y5 Lite 2018, Y5II, Y5II
4G, Y5 Prime 2018, Y6 2017, Y7 Prime 2018, Mate (30 Lite
2019, 10, 10 Lite, 10 Porsche Design, 10 Pro, 9, 9 Pro, 9
Porsche Design, RS Porsche Design); Nova (4e, 30i 2018,
3i 2018, 3, 2, 2 Plus, Lite Plus, Young, 1, 1 Plus);
Komu: K8, K80, K70, K60, K45, X1;
Lenovo: A5, K5, K5 Pro, K5s, K5 Play, K6, K6 Note, K6
Power, K8 Note, P2, S5, S5 Pro, Vibe C2, Z5, Z5 Pro, Z5
Pro, Z5 Pro GT, Z5s, Zuk (EDGE, Z2, Z2 Pro);
LG: G3, G4, G5, G6, G7 Fit (2018), G7 One 2018, G8
ThinQ 2019, G8s ThinQ 2019, K40 2019, G7 ThinQ, Q6,
Q6 Plus, Q6 Alpha, LG Q7, LG Q7 Alpha, LG Q7 Plus, Q8,
Q9, V30, V30s ThinQ, X Power 2, X venture, K10 2017,
K10 Plus 2018, K10 2018, K10 2018 Alpha, K10 Plus 2018,
K8 2017, K4 2017, Stylus 3, Ray, V35 ThinQ, W10 2019,
K5, X5, X Skin;
Mediacom: PhonePad S532U;
Meizu: 16s, 16th (2018), 16X (‘18), 16Xs (2019), C9 Pro,
C9, E2 64GB, E2, M3 Note, M3, M3E, M3X, M5 Note, M5,
M5c, M5s, M6 Note, M6, M6s, M6s, M8 Lite, M8, M8c,
MX6, Note 8, Pro 6 Plus, Pro 6, Pro 7 Plus, Pro 7, U20, V8
(‘18), V8 Pro (‘18), X8 (‘18);
Motorola: ONE 2018, ONE Power 2018, Moto X (X4, Force,
Play, Style), Moto G (G 2014, G 2015, G Turbo Edition,
G4, G4 Plus, G4 Play, G5, G5 Plus, G5S, G5S Plus, G6,
G6 Play, G7, G7 Play 2019), Moto E (E3, E4, E4 Plus, E5),
Moto M, Moto Z (Z3 2018, Z3 Play Power Edition, Z2, Z2
Force, Z2 Play, Z, Force, Play); Moto C (C, C Plus);
NGM: You Color Smart (5, 5 plus), You Color (E506 plus,
P509, P552,);
Nokia – Microsoft: 1 Plus, 2, 2.1, 2.2 2019, 3, 3.1, 4.2, 5,
5.1, 5.1 Plus, 6, 6 2018, 7, 7.1 2018, 7.1 Plus, 8, 8 Sirocco,
8.1, 9 PureView, Lumia (535, 650), X6;
Nubia: M2 Play, N1 Lite, Red Magic, X, Z17, Z17 mini,
Z17S, Z18 Mini, Z18 2018;
One plus: 6T, 6, 5, 5T, One, 3, 3t;
Oppo: A1K, A77, A71 2018, A5s, A7n, AX7 2019, A57, A37,
A3s, F1s, F3, F5, F7 2018, Find X, Realme 2 2018, Realme
3, Realme C1, RealmeU1, R9, R9s, R11, R11s, R15, R15
Panasonic: Eluga Ray 800;
Philips: S562Z 2019;
Poco: F1 2018;
Redmi: Go 2019;
Sharp: Aquos (D10 2018, S2, S3, S3 mini);
Sony: Xperia (L1, L2, L3, XA1, XA1 Plus, XZ1, E3, Z3, E5,
M5, Z5 Premium, X Performance, X, XA, XA2, XZ, XZs,
XZ2, XZ3 2018);
Vivo: Nex S, V5 Lite, V5 Plus, V5s, V9, X20 Plus UD, X21
UD, U1, V11 2018, V11 Pro 2018, X23 2018, Xplay (5,
5 Ultimate, 6), Y81, Y89, Y91, Y91i, Y93 Lite, Y93s, Y97
2018, Z1;
Vodafone: Smart X9;
Xiaomi: Mi (A2 Lite 2018, Mi 5X, Mi 6, Mi 8, Mi 8 SE, Mi A1,
Mi Mix 2, Mi Mix 2S, Mi Note 3) Redmi (4, 4s, 5 Standard
Edition/Exclusive Edition, 5s Plus, 5s, Note 2, X, 6, 6A, 6
Pro, 5, 5A, Note 4X, Y1, 4, 4 Pro, Pro, Note2, Note4, Note4
64 GB);
Wiko: Harry 2 2018, Mi 9 SE, Mi 9T 2019, Mi A2 Lite 2018,
Mi CC9e 2019, Mi Play, Sunny 4 2019, U Pulse, U pulse
Lite, View 2 Go (2018), View 2 Plus 2018, View, View
Prime, Wim, Wim Lite;
Xolo: Era 4x;
Zopo: Color C5;
ZTE: Axon (7s, 7 Mini), Blade (A2 Plus, A520, A610 Plus,
V7 Plus, V8, V8 Lite, V8 Mini, V8 Pro, V9, V9 Vita, V6,
A610/16GB), Nubia (Z11, Z11 Mini, Z11 Mini S), Zmax Pro;
It has the capacity to accommodate the most GPS with
lower or equal display to 5 inches:
Garmin: Zumo (345LM, 346LM, 390LM, 395LM, 396LM,
590LM, 595LM, 220, 350, 400, 450, 550, 340, 345, 395,
595), NüviCam (LM, LMT), Nüvi (597LMT, 2589LM, 57LM,
55), Nuvi (55LM, 56LM), Drive (40, 40LM, LMT, 50 LM, 50
LMT), DriveSmart (50LM, 50LMT, 50LMT-D), DriveAssist
(50LMT, 50LMT-D), DriveLuxe (50LMT, 50LMT-D);
TomTom: Rider (40/400/410/42/420/450/500/550), go (51,
510, 5100);
Coyote Nav; Parrot: Asteroid (Mini, Tablet)




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