TCX Street 3 Air


The TCX Street 3 is a summer motorcycle sneaker that can be worn all day long while providing protection in all the required areas


Comfortable motorcycle sneakers that can be worn all day long. The TCX Street 3 provide heel, toe and ankle protection thanks to the D30® free flowing molecules. The Z-plate at the bottom also provides transverse rigidity while making the shoe more comfortable.



Suede leather and breathable mesh fabric




Breathable mesh, for a good ventilation in warm climates




Malleolus area with D3O® inserts, toe and heel reinforcements




Lacing system with elastic band to store the laces




OrthoLite®, with long term cushioning and high levels of breathability




With ZPLATE®® shank, to optimize front flexibility and transverse rigidity




Wear-resistant rubber Groundtrax® outsole, designed to offer a superior stability

Product Features




    Sturdy laterally, flexibe frontally. The ZPLATE® shank in the midsole keeps the right flexibility of the shoe, for an optimal riding and walking comfort, ensuring at the same time the transverse rigidity to protect the foot, in case of an accident.



    Groundtrax® outsoles are engineered to ensure stability, grip and traction both on the footpegs and once got off the saddle. This is due to the design of lugs and grooves, as well as the choice of the rubber compound, which also maximize the wear-resistance and self-cleaning of the tread. The sole is featured by a dedicated gear shift area, to provide an higher precision during the ride.

  • D3O®


    In its raw form the D3O® molecules flow freely, thanks to their non-Newtonian nature, allowing the material to be soft and flexible. On impact, the D3O® molecules lock together, absorb and dissipate the energy from impacts, significantly reducing the amount of force that gets transmitted to the body compared to standard materials.



    Experience the comfort of the footbeds made with OrthoLite® PU foam: • Long-term cushioning: OrthoLite® foam compresses less than 5% of its thickness over the lifetime of the footbed, so the cushioning, fit, comfort and performance never change. • High level breathability: the open-cells of the OrthoLite® foam, allows air to circulate in and around the footbed, moving the moisture away and keeping the foot cooler and drier.



  • Available sizes: 40-48



TCX footwear models bearing the CE marking are considered items of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and their conformity is assessed by a Notified EC certification Body, in accordance with the requirements of the harmonised standard EN13634. Consumers can check the product certification, thanks to a pictogram featured inside every footwear model.
This pictogram provides an indication of the level (1 or 2) achieved during the following tests:

X – impact abrasion;
X – impact cut test;
X – transverse rigidity of footwear;

To achieve certification, footwear needs to pass several compulsory laboratory tests in accordance with the harmonised standard EN13634.