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Ariete TRINITY: asymmetrical grips co-moulded from 3 compounds!
The trottle twist grip is used in a different way from the dummy grip on the clutch side.
Ariete TRINITY is the solution for this problem, with each grip designed to provide maximum comfort in its particular application.
The 3 different compounds have been moulded into critical areas of the grip so as to maximise comfort and durability.
Ariete TRINITY – technical grips, whose form was sculpted in real time by the hands and experience of top riders.

Main features:

  • Chassis in semi-rigid torque-limited elastomer;
  • Palm in legendary Supersoft, critical finger-grip area with half-waffle surface;
  • Pronounced inner flange with internal reinforcement, coated in extra-soft XTouch;
  • Anatomically profiled cot-out on the right side for thumb and forefinger;
  • Outer flange pre-marked for piercing with a cutting guide for use with all-round hand guards;
  • Four grooves for steel wire give extra security;
  • The fourth groove is situated at the extreme outer end of the grip to prevent grit from being trapped between bar and grip or bar and twist grip when used with hand guards;
  • Lenght 125mm, standard 22/24mm diameter, 5 colour combinations.

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