Never standing still, always pushing to get the best from ourselves, for our riders. Building iconic motorcycles that celebrate our past while embracing the future through bold design, original styling, purposeful engineering and a genuine passion for the ride.


Always focused on delivering complete riding experience, creating bikes with the perfect balance of power, handling and style that totally involve the rider and bring out the best in them.


This is our passion and our obsession.
We are chasing the same thing as our riders THE PERFECT RIDE.


Nick Bloor


CEO Triumph Motorcycles



All Triumph motorcycles and accessories have been conceived, designed, prototyped, developed and tested by our own dedicated teams. From initial sketch to final assembly, each component of every motorcycle is precision-engineered for the perfect ride, and typically each new motorcycle undergoes six major stages of design and development.

This exacting process, outlined here, enables us to set the very highest of standards in precision, craft and engineering.  This takes thousands of hours of design and development – and it’s how every Triumph begins its life.


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When Jack Marshall led off the first Isle of Man TT on a Triumph in 1907, he lit a flame that has burned bright inside every motorcycle rider ever since.


The unquenchable thirst to be the fastest, the first, the one who takes it to the limit, who breaks boundaries because they’re there to be broken… it’s somewhere in the DNA of every rider.


Then there are those who take it to the limit and beyond, for whom breaking the sound barrier, dismantling lap records and winning is everything. They are the bravest, who strive to find the ultimate union of man and machine, to go one better than before.


From Marshall at the treacherous first TT course to Buddy Elmore winning the most famous Daytona 200 from the back, through to Guy Martin strapped in a triple-rocket-powered streamliner designed to smash the Landspeed record, they are the pioneers.


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The spirit of discovery

If it’s there, we should conquer it.

The spirit of discovery burns in every Triumph rider. The epic adventure and the thrill of seeing what’s round the next bend because it might just be that unforgettable image that will etch itself in your memory forever

There are some who lead the way; men and women for whom going one kilometre further than the rider before is their reason for getting up each day.

Every great explorer craves the unknown, the inner joy of being the first to go the furthest, to go where no one else has gone before. Higher, further and deeper into the unknown, to emerge triumphant… a pioneer.

It might mean fitting screws to your tyres to beat snow and ice, ignoring the eternal mountain-edge drop to your side, powering up mudslides with only a hint of gravel for purchase. The greater the challenge, the better the buzz.


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Triumph has a heritage like no other. A proud history of achievement to inspire the next generation.

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