Peugeot Metropolis


Powerful 400cc engine

Large under seat compartment

Tilting front wheels

ABS and SBC brakes

Euro 5 engine

Exceptional design and detail finishing


Already recognised as the most technologically advanced 3-wheeler on the market, Peugeot Metropolis is a scooter entirely designed and produced in France in our historic factory in Mandeure. Symbol of the brand’s automotive affiliation, this 3-wheeled vehicle that combines stability, performance and practicality.


Take control. With the Peugeot Metropolis i-Connect smart dashboard, comfort and safety are an integral part of your driving experience when you rule the city. Mobile app & Connectivity Connect your smartphone to the Peugeot Metropolis color TFT screen to benefit from even more features. With turn-by-turn navigation for a more comfortable ride and quick consultation of your messages when you are stationary, enjoy a true connected experience during each trip

Safety and Security:

Protective and reassuring. With its tire pressure sensors and daytime running lights (DRL) – a world first on a scooter! – its aspheric mirrors without dead angle, its ABS braking and its front axle resulting from automotive technology, the Peugeot Metropolis Allure plays security, without concession. Compact handlebar and head-up ride More agile, faster, you need less range of motion when you are in control of your 3-wheeler. Make the most of your journeys by maneuvering relaxed but confidently as you explore the city. And for a trip in complete safety, stay in control of your driving with the enhanced dashboard, consulting all the useful information without taking your eyes off the road.

The insurance of the lion: On board Peugeot Metropolis, reign over the city in complete safety. ABS-SBC system, raised dashboard, anti-tilting system, full LED lighting and emergency braking with automatic activation of warnings guarantee safe driving in all circumstances.


A modern and powerful look, the Peugeot brand in addition. To reign over the city, style matters. Sleek and aesthetic, the new Peugeot Metropolis offers a design that meets your requirements in the urban jungle.

Illuminated signatures – Bright canine teeth as DRL headlights at the front and scarlet-red claws as taillights. No doubt, it’s pure power you have in your hands.

Integrated turn signals – Turn signals integrated directly into your scooter for better safety and confidence on the road.

Aggressive front face – A face that looks like a lion’s head to better reign over the city. Turn on the front DRL lights in the shape of canines then release the beast

Rims – Sporty 13-inch black diamond rims for a modern and daring design during your urban expeditions.


Developed by Peugeot engineers and manufactured in France, this new  engine that develops 35.6 hp and a torque of 38.1 Nm offers the best  power in its class. Its low-end torque boost further enhances driving  pleasure. Thanks to its LFE * technology based on a double link on  bearings, it reduces noise emissions and consumption. The result:  exceptional driving pleasure and easier insertion in traffic. (* with low friction)


Connecting your need for comfort with our expertise in advanced automotive technologies has allowed us to design the most successful and ergonomic 3-wheeler on the market. Smart Key technology, adjustable windshield and backrest, upholstered trunk and flat floor offer unique comfort and ease of use for each of your trips

With the dashboard raised and tilted towards you, keep your eyes on the road and on useful information without moving your head for perfectly controlled driving.


Product Details


  • Large passenger footrest
  • Adjustable rider backrest
  • Under seat storage for full face and jet helmet
  • Quick adjustable windscreen
  • Key-less starting system
  • Flat floorboard
  • Anti-tilting system
  • Dual purpose parking brake


Safety and Security:

  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Aspherical mirrors
  • Front dual tilting wheels
  • Day time Running light technology
  • ABS brakes
  • Warning lights on emergency braking
  • Traction control (adjustable off/urban/sport)







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