Peugeot PM-01


125cc engine

Liquid cooled engine

Full LED lighting


After 65 years’ absence, PM-01 at last heralds Peugeot’s big return to the motorcycle universe! Be ready to take a trip through new stories and new emotions when you straddle the lion-badge bike with its unique looks and agility, now available in 125cc. A roadster with an immediately recognizable design, the new PM-01 was simply born to take you into town. Biting lines, muscular presence, iconic claw lights, coupled with serious road handling qualities and the latest technologies, make PM-01 the ideal ride for those who like intensity in their town life. With PM-01, experience new emotions while you travel in style and safety.


Fronted by its three-claw signature lights, PM-01 eyes the world through a thoroughbred, futuristic, wholly distinctive face. It’s minimalistic front
view, slimline indicators, exposed tube frame, and bulging-muscled tank leave no doubt about the conquering ambitions of this bike straight out of
the Peugeot stable.

Light but packing power into every ounce, PM-01 offers a saddleful of authentic emotions. On this top-flight bike with its compact dimensions and
weight, you’ll find yourself leaning passionately into every bend. Sprightly performance from an engine with amazing punch ensures you will leave
your own mark on the road along with those of your tyres.

Although PM-01 grabs attention first and foremost with its style and its firmly roadster look, there’s a swath of cutting-edge technological innovations
that amplify the riding experience. LED lighting front and rear, large TFT touch screen dashboard, connectivity—PM-01 is most definitely a bike rooted in its time. For an ever more comfortable and immediate ride.

Lively and nimble, PM-01 is also intently safe. Its handling is especially responsive thanks to a modest weight of 152Kg with a full tank, placing PM-01’s road holding among the very best. With an ideal distribution of weight, precision suspension, powerful braking with dual ABS, its wide range of sensations are packaged in a machine labelled “safe”.





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