REV’IT! Wind Collar Irving


The Irving WB is a perfect example of how functionality and a casual style can be integrated into your favorite everyday wind collar. Thanks to the WindBarrier® fabric, wind has no chance to attack your neck, keeping you warm and protected from cold. The soft fabric inside the collar provides a cozy, warm surface while the water repellent outer material keeps rain away.
Sizes S-L



elastic binding at top

The use of elastic at the top of a collar enables the user to minimize the gap that can transport wind into the jacket. As a result, the binding keeps the rider warmer and more comfortable overall.


  • REV’IT! WindBarrier® fleece

    The REV’IT! WindBarrier® membrane is laminated between two separate layers of fabric: a stretchable outer layer, and a soft fleece inner layer. This combination blocks against wind and helps repel water. Stopping the wind and rain helps prevent hypothermia and improves a rider’s level of comfort and warmth. Additional fleece adds an extra soft feeling to the material.

  • polyester Oxford

    Polyester is a manmade material that is strong, durable and water repellent. This particular polyester is woven into a basket-like weave, creating a sturdy fabric with a lustrous look.


-Waterproofing and breathability

  • Water repellent and windproof
  • breathable






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