S3011 (HF138)


MIW filters developed in Japan

Highest quality filter element

All filters meet OEM efficiency requirements

The Brand

Meiwa and MIW are names well known in the filtration industry. Coming from an OEM background and produced in Japan for 50 years, the products were well accepted in the motorcycle industry. Today MIW is entering a new chapter with the introduction of a more complete range of filters for the Asian, European and American markets.

The commitment to quality is still at the core of the MIW brand, but there is a new vision, to expand the range and make MIW available for more models and brands, compared to the past years. MIW today is developing a new base.


Technical information

The most important feature for filter engine protection is the “filtering stability”. The high quality filter media for motorcycle oil filters is only produced by few companies worldwide.Oil filter papers are generally made of a blend of cellulose (pulp) and other types of fibers, like synthetic fibers. The introduction of synthetic fibers improves the the filtering efficiency and its resistance to high temperatures and pressure.Synthetic fibers are critical in the ability to resist lubrication additives more effectively and their rigidity helps prevent deformation from vacuum pressure as the filter media becomes contaminated with debris. All MIW filters meet OEM efficiency requirements in order to allow higher maintenance intervals and help extended engine life.



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