Triumph Tiger 1200 GT PRO – 2024


The ultimate road-focused adventure line-up, with transcontinental touring capability and comfort.

Now including a new Active Preload Reduction feature for advanced suspension preload adjustment.

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Now, with the launch of the Tiger 1200 generation, Triumph once again sets its sights on raising the bar and resetting the benchmark in the large capacity adventure world, with a line-up that represents nothing less than a complete transformation in weight, handling, triple-powered performance, character and Tiger style.

The Tiger 1200 GT family has been engineered to become the benchmark in large-capacity road-focused adventure motorcycles, with a specification, performance and technology to match, including an innovation in Blind Spot Radar technology on both Explorers. With the two Rally machines, these truly live up to their name with genuine off-road capability and all-road focus, courtesy of their 21” tubeless spoked front wheel and a chassis designed for the toughest terrain. For those really looking to go the distance and take on the world, an Explorer version of both the GT and the Rally adds a further 50% of riding range with a 30-litre tank capacity.

When the first modern Tiger hit the streets in 2010, it ignited the passions of a new generation of adventure riders and created a bloodline of triple-powered machines that have gone on to define the middleweight adventure motorcycle category and set the benchmark for handling, character, quality and all-round riding capability.

With the launch of the award-winning Tiger 900 in 2019, Triumph redefined what ‘great’ looks like and rides like, with the innovative T-plane triple engine and a revolution in handling.

Handling and comfort are a huge part of the Tiger success story, and when you ride this new generation you’ll know immediately that it has that “just right” feeling, and that it handles in a way that a large capacity Tiger has never done before. With a narrower fuel tank shaped for more confident footing and an ideal riding position, together with a low centre of gravity, the Tiger 1200 is equally at home threading through the rush hour traffic as it is tackling motorway miles and remote trails.


The signature 1,3,2 firing order is the result of years of development to create the best of both worlds: all the benefits of a twin-cylinder engine at low revs, with all the rich character and performance of a triple higher up.

Tractable and torquey low in the rev-range, the power delivery gives the precise throttle control needed in technical terrain and the traction for slippery off-road situations. As the power builds through the punchy mid-range, the familiar feel of a triple becomes even more apparent all the way to the top-end, with an even more responsive and exciting feel. Peak power output is 150PS, 9PS  more than the previous generation, and more than its closest shaft driven competitor.


To meet the brief of delivering the world’s most agile, compact and manoeuvrable large capacity adventure motorcycle, the first task was to significantly reduce weight without sacrificing the Tigers’ planted feel and well-earned reputation for comfort.

The all-new 1160cc engine, lightweight tubular chassis, unique Tri-Link swingarm, and high-specification suspension and brakes have resulted in an incredible weight saving of more than 25kg  compared to the previous generation, making it up to 17kg lighter than its closest shaft driven competitor (based on equivalent specification comparison).

The result of the engineering team’s focussed determination to deliver a transformation in overall mass went much deeper than just a number on a spec sheet, for a new generation that feels lively yet assured, agile yet planted.


The most memorable adventures are often the toughest tests of both rider and machine. Each Tiger 1200 has been designed to feel as good on the last mile of your adventure as it did on the first, and with a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty you can focus on enjoying the ride with maximum peace of mind.

Following an exhaustive programme of testing and development, each element of the new generation has been crafted and refined to deliver in every condition, to give you the ultimate adventure ride. From the new lightweight frame, with its separate rear subframe and removable pillion footrest hangers, to its optimised new Tri-link swingarm with integral shaft drive, the new Tiger 1200’s chassis has been developed for the perfect balance of strength, stability, and weight.

Combined with the new, more commanding riding position, slimmer seat and tank, enhanced bar and footpeg positions, and high specification semi-active Showa suspension and Brembo brakes, the new generation takes the Tiger’s agile and dynamic handling to a whole new level.

The Tiger 1200 has an adjustable seat height of 850mm to 870mm on the GT, GT Pro and GT Explorer, and 875mm to 895mm on the Rally Pro and Rally Explorer, with an option to go 20mm lower still with the low accessory seat.

The Tiger 1200 now comes with an Active Preload Reduction Function feature, This feature allows these seat heights to be reduced further. Depending on the combined weight of rider, pillion and luggage the feature could lower the riding height by up to 20mm when the motorcycle comes to a standstill, offering greater ease and confidence.

This new feature is accessible by simply pressing the ‘Home’ button on the switch cube for one second.


Exploring the unknown is what adventure riders dream about. The adrenaline of discovery, the rush of riding in new landscapes.

If your ideal ride is fully road-focused and off-road is only an occasional foray, the GT Pro and GT Explorer come ready equipped for light off road adventures with a dedicated Off-Road riding mode and 200mm of suspension travel.


All-new Showa suspension automatically adjusts to the payload, and the semi-active system continuously monitors and adjusts the damping as you ride, with the rider being able to select their desired settings at the touch of a button. No tools, no compromise for the conditions, just the ideal set-up when you need it.

The fully keyless system means no struggling with gloves, and assists with speedy fuel stops. There is an option to disable wireless functionality for even greater security when you are away from your bike.

Multi-setting heated grips come as standard on all models except the GT, with the Explorer variants also benefiting from independently adjustable heated rider and pillion seats.

Hill-hold control, all-LED lighting with adaptive cornering lights, a bonded 7” TFT screen, cruise control, USB charger, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and a light-action, hydraulically actuated slip and assist clutch all combine to add the highest level of safety, comfort and luxury to the Tiger 1200’s exciting and dynamic performance (features may not be present as standard on all models).


A major development of the rider ergonomics and outright capability has played a huge part in the Tiger 1200’s purposeful and arresting form. The slimmed-down fuel tank gives a narrower ‘waistline’ which, combined with the sculpted seat, allows for more confident footing in both urban and off-road situations without losing any of the Tiger’s renowned comfort.

Ground clearance has also been improved to give the Tiger 1200 unparalleled off-road capability. These practical design elements have resulted in styling where form follows function; performance and style are united.

Hand in hand with the new generation’s clean lines and imposing new presence, the advanced all LED lighting set-up comes complete with a distinctive and attractive daytime running light signature incorporated into the sculpted new front design.

High-quality bodywork, designed to withstand the rigours of adventure, is beautifully finished and features contemporary colours, stunning graphics and neatly designed details that accentuate the Tiger 1200’s all-new focused style.




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