Y4018 – YAMAHA X-MAX 125/300 (HF-981)


MIW filters developed in Japan

Highest quality filter element

All filters meet OEM efficiency requirements

The Brand

Meiwa and MIW are names well known in the filtration industry. Coming from an OEM background and produced in Japan for 50 years, the products were well accepted in the motorcycle industry. Today MIW is entering a new chapter with the introduction of a more complete range of filters for the Asian, European and American markets.

The commitment to quality is still at the core of the MIW brand, but there is a new vision, to expand the range and make MIW available for more models and brands, compared to the past years. MIW today is developing a new base.


Technical information

MIW filters use resin technology, for modern vehicles – Resins are critical to the performance of modern filter media. They bind a matrix of fibers to create a strong, flexible material that allows high air flow, whilst capturing more small particles.

Major benefits resin based fiber media:
  • Strength – Enabling operation under increased flow of air without distortion from the vacuum.
  • Improved resistance to fluid flows – Ensuring stable filtration effectiveness in the presence of atmospheric moisture and minimizing clogging.
  • Stiffness – Allowing pleats to remain stable without deformation during use.
  • Thermal stability – For increased high-temperature operations
  • Chemical stability – Ability to resist degradation in service due to fuel and detergent contact.


Make Engine Model Year
HM – VENT 125 CRE F X 4T (Yamaha) 2008-2010
HM – VENT 125 CRE F X Baja 4T (Yamaha) 2010-2012
HM – VENT 125 CRE F X Baja RR 4T (Yamaha) 2010-2012
HM – VENT 125 CRE F X SIX 4T (Yamaha) 2010-2011
HM – VENT 125 CRM F X 4T (Yamaha) 2008-2012
HM – VENT 125 CRM F X Derapage 4T (Yamaha) 2010-2012
HM – VENT 125 CRM F X Derapage Competition 4T (Yamaha) 2010-2011
HM – VENT 125 CRM F X Derapage RR 4T (Yamaha) 2010-2012
HM – VENT 125 Scrambler City 4T (Yamaha) 2011-2013
HM – VENT 125 Trail Locusta 4T (Yamaha) 2011-2013
YAMAHA 125 MT / MT ABS 2014-2022
YAMAHA 125 VP X-City 2008-2015
YAMAHA 125 WR R 2009-2015
YAMAHA 125 WR X 2009-2016
YAMAHA 125 XSR 2021-2022
YAMAHA 125 YP R X-MAX 2006-2013
YAMAHA 125 YP RA X-MAX ABS 2011-2012
YAMAHA 125 YP RA X-MAX ABS 2013-2013
YAMAHA 125 YP RA X-MAX ABS 2014-2017
YAMAHA 125 YP RA X-MAX ABS 2018-2020
YAMAHA 125 YZF R / YZF R ABS 2008-2022
YAMAHA 125 YZF R 50TH 2012-2012
YAMAHA 300 CZD A X MAX (SH081/SH131) 2017-2021
YAMAHA 300 MWD Tricity 2020-2021

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